Assessing and Correcting Tibial Internal Rotation – Improve Your Deep Squat

tibial rotationWe all know the importance of hip and ankle mobility for deep squatting.  What most people don’t know about is the importance of adequate tibial internal rotation.

Say what?

Ya, I was confused at first too.  You see, we all love the cue knees out during the squat.  Depending on who you like to get your facts from we want to be getting our knees to track out somewhere between the 2nd and fifth toes (aka Mr. Pinky toe). […]

Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 27: Preventing and Surgically treating Knee Injury with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Sean Rockett

Dan Car LiftJoin Rob and I as we interview orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sean Rockett about the most common knee injuries you’ll find in crossfit as well as how we can prevent and treat them.

  • [1:25] Dr. Rockett addresses all of the recent “hub bub” about
    concussions in youth sports
  • [2:25] Dr. Rockett’s ideas on kipping pullups and whether or not they are related to the high incidence of SLAP labral tears in crossfit.
  • [7:25] Introducing today’s topic, knee injuries in crossfit
  • [7:45] What are the most common knee injuries seen in crossfit?
  • [9:09] Can we fix knee pain by addressing technique solely?
  • [10:53] What are the most common knee injuries that require surgery? […]

FPF Podcast Episode 22: All About Knee Pain – Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Dmitriy Klokov of Russia celebrates in tToday meathead doctor duo Rob and Dan tackle a very common problem, knee pain.  Today’s podcast is all about patellofemoral pain syndrome.  Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • 2:20 The nonsense stops, enter today’s topic
  • 3:10 What is patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)?
  • 6:00 Taping as a treatment, what does the research say?
  • 8:20 Why PFPS is a bit of a catch all term. […]

6 Common Causes of Knee Pain and How to Fix Them: Part 3

Taken from

Taken from




Part 1Part 2

Alright, so with the last two installments we’re all up to date with the latest from knee pain university.  It’s enough information to make your head spin though.  How can we put all of this information together into a program?  Let’s think back and see what we have to work on: […]

6 Common Causes of Knee Pain and How to Fix Them: Part 2

Knee pain sucks, especially if you’re an athlete.  Unfortunately runners, cross fit athletes and weightlifters commonly have knee pain.  Terms like chondromalacia patella, patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee and osteoarthritis have become commonplace.  Despite the complexity of each syndrome they all share a common theme.  They all come from poor movement.  Poor movement strategies over time lead to pain and degeneration in our knee joints.  It’s easy to blame this on genetics and some of this is probably hereditary but a large portion of it is not.  If we can fix our movement (our technique and the way we move) we can come away with a permanent cure to the root of the problem.

Like discussed in Part 1:

The only way to get permanent relief to knee pain is to fix the movements that caused the problem in the first place. […]

6 Common Causes Of Knee Pain and How to Fix Them – Part 1



Knee pain sucks, especially if you’re an athlete.  Unfortunately, I see a lot of runners and cross fit athletes with knee pain.  Running and deep squatting already place a bunch of stress on the knee and if you aren’t moving properly (ie: good technique) the situation gets worse.  Individuals with knee pain usually present with some funky ways of moving that lead to knee pain. 

The only way to get permanent relief is to fix the movements that caused the problem in the first place.

Fortunately for us, in most people with knee pain the poor movement is predictable and fixable! […]

4 Easy Progressions of the Short Foot to Provide Knee and Foot Pain Relief

Hey man, keep your foot short!  Fix your foot.  Arch up!

Not the most common cues you hear in the gym.

My super good buddy and co-host of the fitness pain free podcast Rob Rowland asked me one time, hey Dan, how do you coach the short foot position.   I was like, “Hey Rob good question, I don’t really know of an easy way.”  Some expert I am huh? […]

The Best Kept Secret in Injury Prevention: Joint By Joint Approach for Crossfit – Part 1

The human body is complex.  Assessment, corrective exercise and injury prevention is also tricky.  If we’re new to the game, how can we begin to figure out our deficits and address them?  If we’re seasoned, is there some type of system we can use to analyze our athletes and clients? […]

Knee Pain: What You Need to Know About the Core to Prevent Knee Injury – Part 4

Annie’s got some abs

If you’re still following this series so far then kudos to you!  We’ve discussed some pretty complex bio-mechanics of the foot, knee and hip.  Hopefully you aren’t too confused.

If you missed part 1 where we explain how the hip and foot affect motion at the knee click HERE:  In part II we spoke about addressing the foot to troubleshoot problems that may occur at the knee.  You can find that article HERE:  In the third installment we discussed the hip’s role in knee biomechanics.  Check it out HERE:

I apologize but I’m about to make things even more complex.  Drumroll please…. […]

Knee Pain: What You Need to Know About the Hip to Prevent Knee Injury

Understanding the hip’s role in knee biomechanics is incredibly important.  It’s a huge part of injury prevention of the knee.  Now that we know why this is important we’ll talk about a few ways to work on it.

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