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To Stretch or Not to Stretch: Evidence Based and Practical Solutions

We’ve all heard this argument, should we stretch or not before training? I’ve heard all the rumors: I heard that you need to stretch before training so you don’t get injured. I’ve

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Bicep Tendon Tears: Bicep Tear Injury Prevention for Strongman Part 1

Tearing a bicep is a very common injury seen in Strongman.   It can really take a long time to rehab and for some can end their competitive career.  There are a few ways to reduce your risk of injury

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Does your Mind Effect Your Risk of and Recovery from Injury

When it comes to recovery from Injury, its long been known that psychology plays a large role.  A placebo effect is described by wikipedia as a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment

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Shrugs, Posture and Scapular Dysfunction: Does adding Shrugs to your Program Make Sense?

Rob practicing what he preaches. I’m very excited to be posting this article from Rob Rowland.  I met Rob about 3-4 years ago at my very first strongman competition.  This was before I even had

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Two Excellent Postural Exercises You May Already be Doing

When I think of a rehabilitation exercise I usually think of light dumbbells, thera-bands and stability balls.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rehab and it plays an incredibly important role when people

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Sleep, Performance and Injury Prevention – who’da thunk?

Do you ever wonder why human beings need sleep?  Why do we need to be unconscious for 1/3 of the day every day.  Was it a survival mechanism we adapted to stay indoors and out of harm at night when we

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Is Overhead Pressing Destroying Your Shoulders?

Hey guys, here is an excerpt from my upcoming e-book I’m in the process of finishing up.  The e-book is a guide to preventing shoulder pain and dealing with achy shoulders in cross fit athletes. I

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Fun Fact #5: Training the lower back in the morning may put you more at risk for injury.

Intervertebral Discs sit between each vertebrae in the human spine.These are the structures you hear of when someone says they have a herniated disc. Upon waking first thing in the morning your

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Fun Fact #3 – 6 steps to a bigger, safer bench

If you guys haven’t noticed I skipped #3 previously and went straight to #4 already. Trust me I’m going to be a doctor. Using new technique will feel a bit awkward but I promise in the long

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Fun Fact #2 – Got Knee Pain?

Got Knee Pain? Don’t feel badly, its the most common lower extremity area to have an injury. Recent research from Chris Powers over at the University of Southern California is showing that knee

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