The Games Are Over, Time to Start Preparing for Next Year!

katdCongratulations to Matt Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir!  This year’s competition was a fun one to watch.  It’s very interesting to see the sport evolve over time and see who’s prepared the best over the course of the last year of training.

This month in the FPF Performance Training Program we’re still in the thick of off-season training.  Our biggest focus continues to be:

  • Building an aerobic base with an emphasis on carries, crawls and the most basic fundamental movements
  • Ramping up olympic lifting skill and strength
  • Strength focus with emphasis on hypertrophy and building symmetry
  • Gymnastics skill work with a focus on positions and strict work

A few things that are new this month:

  • Additional olympic lifting work introducing reduced rest periods
  • Introducing barbell overhead work
  • New squat and deadlift accessory work
  • Additional shoulder health and stability exercises

fraserIf you’re interested in signing up for my programming, now is a great time to jump in.  It’s only $15 per month (Thats almost 50 cents per workout) and is delivered on a beautiful and efficient platform on    Here is a Brief Snapshot of the Programming:

  • 6-days per week done for you program for yourself or for your box (Perfect for affiliate owners)
  • Progressive daily olympic lifting, strength, gymnastics, and met-con that fits into a 1 hour block (I know how important it is to fit the entire class into a 1 hour block)
  • Two tracks: One for the average Joe looking to stay safe and get fit and another for the competitive athlete looking for success in the open and at competition.  Both tracks fit together well so your average Joe and competitive athletes can continue to train together side by side.
  • General warm-ups with mobility specific to the day’s lifting, gymnastics and met-con (All with video explanations)
  • Fun and varied daily met-con that fluctuates across the course of the year to prepare you for the open
  • Testers throughout the course of the year to ensure you’re making progress in the right direction
  • Fun partner workouts on saturdays
  • Joint health, mobility, foam rolling and injury prevention exercises built right into the programming (I take out all of the guesswork)

Ready to Sign Up?  Click HERE to get Started:

Want some more information on the training program?

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After the first 50 sign-ups I’ll be increasing the price up to $25 per month, so act fast.

Excited to work with you,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1

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