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verve pic 1My name is Dan Pope. I’m a doctor of physical therapy, crossfit coach and athlete. I started writing programming specifically for boxes and individuals looking to excel in the Open in 2012. One of the biggest reasons I did this was because my patients would rehabilitate their aches and pains, improve their mobility and technique and then return back to training only to start hurting again. The programming they were following was just too much and not well planned out from an injury prevention standpoint. As a physical therapist who regularly treats these athletes, I get to see where the training errors occur and where people break down. Writing this programming is my way to help people reach high levels of performance in a safer, more intelligent way.

  • Perfect for either individuals or affiliates
  • 6-day per week programming
  • Training fits into a 1 hour session and works for individual or group environments
  • Strength, skill and met-con training
  • Olympic lifting and gymnastics programming
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly periodization leading up to performance in the open
  • Optional competitor’s track – Want to be more competitive? Perform extra workouts to improve strength, skill and endurance that blends directly into the regular programming
  • Fun partner workouts on saturdays
  • Mobility work blended directly into warm-ups to improve the snatch, muscle-up, front rack etc…
  • Joint health specific exercises (Keep those shoulders prepped for success)
  • Warm-ups specific to the workout of the day
  • Videos with coaching cues and guidance for complex movements

Want a sample of the program?  You got it!  I’ve taken a chunk of training from the past and included it in the link below.  I’ve also created a tutorial to help guide you through the thought process associated with creating the program.  This way you get a little bit of the method behind the madness.

Fitness Pain Free Performance Training Sample Program

How do you get started?  That’s easy.  You just have to figure out whether you want to sign up for a monthly or yearly membership.

Sign up NOW for the yearly subscription for $499.99 and receive 2 months FREE

Sign up NOW for the monthly subscription for $49.99 per month

Still not sure if the program is right for you? No problem, check out some of the info below:

Click here to read a full description of the FPF Performance Programming

Click here to watch a webinar explaining the importance of  this kind of programming

Get Your Train on,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

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