Chad Vaughn, Mike Cerbus, Dave Tilley and Dan Pope Talk Squatting

I have the great opportunity to work with world class coaches regularly at power monkey fitness.  At this past power monkey fitness camp we had a nice candid conversation about squatting.  Myself and my co-worker Dave Tilley sat down and chatted all things squatting with:

Chad Vaughn: 2x Olympian, current national record holder in the clean and jerk, #1 ranked 77kg olympic lifter in the U.S. Current advanced weightlifting coach for Crossfit.

Mike Cerbus:  3x medalist at U.S. nationals, 5x medalists at the American Open, US Pan Am. and Olympic qualification team 2012.

We see a lot of arm chair experts chatting about squatting on the interwebs and don’t always agree with the information they provide.  We thought we’d bring together some great coaching minds to talk about the squat and provide some valuable information to everyone.  Give it a listen:

That’s a lot of squat talk,


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